RAMS - Risk and Method Statements Risk Assessments and Method Statements, (RAMS)

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A ‘Risk Assessment and Method Statement’ (RAMS), is a safety management document required for installations where there are significant safety risks.

The ‘Risk Assessment’ identifies safety control measures that form the basis of a safe system of work and the ‘Method Statement’ is a written record of that safe system of work for an installation developed from the relevant risk assessments. Together they form the RAMS.

RAMS are only required for installations with significant risks. All managers, supervisors and team leaders with staff who are involved in activities with significant safety risks, need to ensure RAMS are developed for these activities.

The benefit of a RAMS is that it provides clear information and instruction to staff, provides a standard by which the work can be monitored and enables lapses in the safety standards to be identified.

A RAMS also enables managers to ensure the resources necessary to do an activity safely are to hand and that everyone knows what to do in an emergency situation. This contributes to a safer site by ensuring everyone is aware of areas of risk where accidents may happen and the actions required to prevent them from happening.

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